Rubber Duck Pattern for Arena Swim
During the summer of 2023, I was the intern for Laundry Studio in Portland, OR. We focused on pattern design for apparel, using both experimental mark making and digital illustrations. Two patterns will be part of Arena Swim's Spring 2025 collection. Below is a collection of patterns, along with apparel they could be printed on in the future.
Rubber Duck Pattern for Arean Swim. BL_23_008
These patterns were purchased by Arena Swim for their Spring 2025 collection.
Pretzel Pattern. BL_23_009
Chalk Fruit. BL_23_011
These illustrations were also created for potential use by Arena based on a client interview.
Ink Spots and Smears. BL_23_001
This pattern was created using ink on wet paper and smeared paint.
Chalk Lines. BL_23_002
This pattern was a repeat of chalk lines colored in Photoshop.
Experimental Paint Marks. BL_23_003
These marks were all experimental. They were made with mixed amounts of paint and water.
Repeat Pattern BL_23_004, Cyanotype Fern
Repeat Pattern BL_23_004, Cyanotype Fern
In progress image of the cyanotype that will create pattern BL_23_004
In progress image of the cyanotype that will create pattern BL_23_004
This pattern was create from a cyanotype using a fern.
Ink Drops on Wet Paper. BL_23_006
These marks were created by dropping ink onto wet paper.
Experimental Collage. BL_23_007
These experimental marks were made with a variety of tools. There are marks made with ink on water, dried out brushes, smeared paint, and wet paper.
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